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⚠ Remember to take a screenshot before and after for refill (

⚠ We need to place refill order and check your video time to get our watch time booster speed to refill the correct amount. We need screenshot to show us for refill! If your channel and video not as good as fast requirement to boost, it will takes longer time and please be patients during youtube keep updating always.

⚠Need 24-48H youtube to update the Watch time, and during the time we will keep boost refill for the order within the days marked in detail. Please send us the screenshot every 24-48H. All video is different, not such promise time, just estimates~ If you mind the time do not place order!!!

⚠Be patients during the process, as in description tell you, if you use watch time, don’t tell yourself or clients can be fast, they all natural slow, max 100-300 day, and some video cannot even push and need time to test all server.


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