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Spotify followers, why and how?

spotify followers

Spotify is a platform for playing music, podcasts and videos.

 As smartphones become more popular and has become an inseparable gadget, Spotify has multiplied in popularity.

Spotify includes songs and albums of most of the singers. Users can use Spotify to have a list of their favorite singer’s songs and enjoy listening to music. Songs on Spotify are categorized according to different styles and can be used by users.

Netgro Follower Services helps you to increase the number of followers on your Spotify account. Increasing your followers will improve the credibility and appearance of your page.

Dear Netgro friends and companions, you can easily improve your Spotify account by using our high-quality and high-speed services.

Netgro team by providing a variety of high quality packages, will help you to grow your page and also help you to earn money from it.

You ask how?

KEEP reading…

spotify followers

Everything you need to become an influencer in Spotify

Today, Spotify is one of the most important programs for influencers due to its numerous uses. A place for you to grow your business or that of others. Read more with Netgro to know the necessary tips in order to become an influencer in Spotify.


What platforms come to mind when it comes to influencer marketing? 

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, maybe LinkedIn or even Twitter. But have you ever thought about Spotify? Probably not, well, you should bring brands and consumers to Spotify and take advantage of the platform’s extensive marketing potentials.


Spotify can be considered for various reasons because:


Spotify is the world’s largest audio platform with 217 monthly active users (MAUs).

Users spend 25 hours a month listening to music on Spotify, and 44% of daily users visit Spotify.

The monthly active user base (MAU) of this large music platform in 2019 has grown by almost 26%. User-generated playlists account is known for one-third of all Spotify listening time. This means that you can make the most of this platform at almost no cost.


With the numbers and statistics mentioned, it is clear that users love Spotify. Because influencers and marketers need to be on the right platform for their target audience, Spotify can provide the platform for them.


Can Spotify be the right platform for you?

As a smart marketer, you need to take a deeper look at the composition of Spotify users to see if your target market overlaps with the users of this platform. In that case, it makes sense to join Spotify’s marketing bandwidth.

spotify followers

Research has shown the following about Spotify users:


Users by region: Spotify users and subscribers are mostly from Europe (36%), followed by North America (29%), Latin America (22%) and then the rest of the world (13%).

Demographics: 39% of music listeners under the age of 30 consider Spotify their favorite channel, making Spotify the top choice for music lovers. The age difference of most Spotify users shows that this music platform is the most popular among these age groups (decreasing respectively): 25-34 years, 18-25 years and 55-60 years.

Gender Statistics: A statistical survey shows that 23% of men and 20% of women in the United States are Spotify users.

If your audience falls into the above categories, you need to be more active on Spotify.


Production content must also be relevant to the target audience.


Content produced on Spotify is music and podcasts. If your audience loves music, Spotify is the ideal platform for you. If your current and prospective customers are in the music business, Spotify is the best for you. But that doesn’t mean other influencers can’t take advantage of Spotify’s popularity.


If you or your business partners are dealing with a lot of user-generated content, you have a chance to succeed on Spotify because, as mentioned earlier, user playlists. It is very popular on Spotify. So, how do you get started on Spotify marketing?


How can you experience becoming an influencer on Spotify?

Are you ready to do your marketing campaigns through Spotify turbocharge?


To communicate properly with users, you have two options:



spotify playlist


spotify podcast


Playlists are the main attraction of Spotify. There are approximately two billion playlists on Spotify. But What is your chance to shine from that ocean of content? 

To get the answer, you need to understand some basic facts about Spotify playlists.


There are two types of playlists on Spotify:


1-Segmented playlists: These are handled by Spotify using a powerful “ AI “algorithm. Brands can also sponsor some of Spotify’s most popular listings.


2-User-generated playlists: These lists are created by users or subscribers.

Although you can not exactly fool the Spotify algorithm, you can hope to get a good score in the user-generated part. One of the benefits of adding user-generated content is introducing your business to other people.


Many fitness apparel brands use Spotify to create playlists for advertising and marketing. Because exercise and music are so well connected, Spotify advertising makes sense for these brands. These brands try to attract users by creating playlists suitable for fitness.


Because artists make money from Spotify playlists, adding them to playlists on your client’s brand page can lead to problems. Unlike Instagram, there is no option to have “sponsored” posts on Spotify.


To avoid problems, Spotify has defined solutions:

spotify followers

Try to add 20 or more songs to your playlists so that there are no traces of approval contracts with a particular artist.

There should not be more than one song from each artist on your list.

Avoid songs by artists who collaborate with competing brands or openly oppose the values, products, or services your brand offers.

Do not treat your playlists as ads. Instead of trying to sell each product, they should portray your personality and business image. There is an advertising option on Spotify that you can use.

Spotify Stories is the latest Spotify update, and this is a great opportunity to influence Spotify so that they can have content based on different themes and goals. Spotify is currently testing some Stories features.


Like Instagram and Facebook, Spotify Stories contains short video or audio clips that users can watch and move on to the next story. You can use an art album or animation for the Story cover photo. By bringing compelling content to Stories, influencers and marketers can keep followers engaged for a long time.



Spotify is investing heavily in podcasts after seeing podcast startups like Gimlet and Anchor earlier this year. For brands and influencers, this can be another way of communicating with your audience. With the revival of radio culture, especially in Latin America, podcasts have also stepped up their popularity charts.


Unlike social networks where users spend most of their time browsing and moving, podcasts take 30, 60 or even 90 minutes of listeners’ time. This type of interaction between digital circles is almost unknown.


Spotify plans to put targeted ads on podcasts in real time after gathering its customer interest. Using advertising technology, Spotify examines a user’s tastes, location and age to identify ads that seem appropriate to the user. So how can influencers use podcasts on Spotify?


In addition to creating great content for podcasts, influencers need to pay close attention to user interests. Efficient content distribution will ensure that your podcasts reach the right audience.


You can use these strategies to complete your podcast distribution strategy:


Promote your podcasts across channels: You can collaborate with podcast experts from competing channels to get more visibility for your podcasts. Or you can easily buy followers, buy plays or … .Of course, you should also stream your podcast through your website, blog and social channels. Apps like Anchor and Simplecast upload your podcasts and publish them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts. They also provide real-time analysis of your show performance.

Optimize your podcast titles: You can choose creative names and catchy text for different parts of your podcast.


Ready to start a marketing campaign and become an influencer on Spotify?

No one expected Spotify to become an effective marketing platform, if marketing well on Spotify is a surefire way to reach a lovable audience. Using the right marketing can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. So start marketing on Spotify as soon as possible !!

spotify followers

As you grow as an artist and make a good impression, people notice you, refer you to friends (word of mouth marketing), and review songs. Additionally, we take action with methods to boost your profile plays, which means that you get to be seen by millions.


But how could you be an influencer or grow your account to make people see your ads?


As we said, like instagram. If you would like to grow your page:


We call it: success tripod! 


As told before, if you could make people listen to your playlists, or follow your audios, you can easily earn money from the small amount that you have paid to buy these services. 


Contact us for more info:


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