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Buy Instagram followers

What’s the point of buying followers?

What kind of followers are they that can be bought?

  • How can I buy instagram followers?
  • Why should I buy followers?
  • Is it just enough to buy followers and nothing more?
  • What happens after buying them?
  • Are they fake or real?
  • Are they robots?
  • How can I make sure that I wont loose my page? (being blocked or reported by Instagram)
  • What are Instagram algorithms?
  • How many Instagram followers do i need to make money?
  • How to make money of every service I have bought (like view follow …)?


These are the most frequent questions we faced during our long history of giving online services to people. To telling the truth, just some years ago that I wanted to expand my business, I was thinking of a fast and secure way to get known by people.

Undoubtedly, social media is an undeniable space to grow your business; as almost billions of people now days have access to social media, specially Instagram and YouTube (as they are visual and easier to get information than texts).

Our team, Net Gro, also thought of a safe and secure way to help people and businesses get known by others. As they can expand their job or sell more products easier by Internet and its undeniable rule in people’s life.


But how to make money on this virtual space?

We usually pay to use internet. To read, study, entertain OR to watch the products and services of other businesses or companies.

So many interesting and attractive advertisings are there in social media. But have you ever found out that WHY are YOU watching these when you’re exploring internet?

For example, Instagram explore. you are just scrolling down to see what’s happening out there or to fill full your free time or …, then out of a blue, you see an offer, a discount, a banner or sth like this. Some times you’re attracted and sometimes no.

So here we’ve got an important things to discuss.

How to be SEEN by other people? If we forget about the content of your ad/service, (which is obvious to be important), you should try to climb that ladder of crowd and light a flashing bulb to get people’s attention. First you must be seen, then you should have sth to speak about, a service to offer.

That’s why you need to know about the tips and tricks of social media (here about Instagram). You also gutta be familiar with algorithms. In order to secure your page from being Blocked or Reported.

Here we’re going to explain them to you, step by step.


What’s the point of buying followers?

Instagram is a smart application with some interesting and also strict algorithms. Not every content from any page could you find when you’re exploring. For example, you’re interested in nature, you go to explore and search the word. Some pages appear on top.

If you take a look to page information that appears on top, you see a large amount of people following that page (could be from thousands to millions).

In some pages you see a blue check next to the name of the page (which proves the page to be original and officially belonging to that person/ company and so on)

This is a simple algorithm that says: a page containing adequate posts (no violence, no nudity, no misdeed or …), with large number of followers and likes and views (which means the posts are useful to the people), suits better your search.

So, if you could provide above conditions to your page, you can also be seen better and subsequently, earn more money.


What kind of followers are they that can be bought? (are they fake or?)

What do you know about Instagram Fake Followers? What does it mean to be fake?

Well, literally, when your followers are not the exact costumer of you, and they are just to make your page seen to other people, we call it fake. It doesn’t mean that they are robots and they wont cause your page to be blocked or reported by Instagram.

 Some Instagram pages have a large number of followers, most of which are usually fake(robots). There are people who collect fake followers for a small fee, which will certainly not be to your advantage, so you can check out our website to buy real followers to interact with your page and also selling products, in addition to liking your posts.

 The advantage of Instagram fake followers

 When you buy a fake follower, it shows a high number of followers in your page and someone who is new to your page is persuaded to follow you, or compared to a page with a small number of followers, your page is chosen. Of course, the content you put on your page should be so attractive that when a person compares, your page will be more interesting to him/her. But this advantage is best expressed in the fact that in the recent world, with the many pages that exist, the audience usually trusts hardly.

Is it just enough to buy followers and nothing more?

Always remember that virtual networks need to be trusted so that your audience can trust you. When the number of followers does not equal the number of your likes, this issue can discourage your audience. If your audience becomes untruthful about your page, they will no longer accept good products and good content, because the audiences feel that you are trying to fool them. So, if you buy instagram followers and relevant number of likes from, you can change customers’ opinions about your products and page. So it’s vital to buy followers and likes in addition to views.

 We ensure you that it is not too late to do so. So, in order to save and increase the reputation of your page by REAL HUMAN FOLLOWERS, and to spend money in the most efficient way, check out our website and contact our consultants.


What happens after you buy instagram followers?



Are they fake or real?

It all depends on your definition of these two words. What do we mean by telling fake or real?

for us, fake followers refer to ROBOTS. That’s why it may last several hours for our followers to follow you; while robots do that is just minutes!

And that’s exactly when Instagram algorithm finds out an issue and this would end to blocking or losing your page.


We claim our followers to be real, a human has created the account and is verified by

E-mail and phone number. You also don’t need to give your password or any private information of your page. Your page just needs to be Public and Not private.

Please be aware that they are not your direct costumer, rather (as said) they help your page to be seen easier and grow faster. In this you can trust Netgro!


Difference between buying likes, buying views and buying followers.

We mentioned that if people see your banner or Ad in Explore, they would take a look at your followers and then they encourage to follow you or to see your posts.

But let’s see one step backward all of these…

HOW to get into explorer?

That’s where Likes and even more, Views show their rule. While there are 2 types of likes and views. For simple Videos or for IGTV.


The importance of IGTV

As you know, recently the videos published on the IGTV channel of Instagram users, like regular posts including videos and photos, will be exposed to the users of this social network in the Explore section and as the first part of this section.

This has made the importance of IGTV videos even more so that now we see that most active Instagram users use these videos as a fixed post on their page.

As important as this type of video is, increasing its traffic has posed a big challenge to Instagram page owners these days.

Therefore, we suggest page owners who seek to attract the audience in exchange for quality content and want their content to be seen immediately and quickly, to use the view service for this purpose.


Benefits of buying IGTV views:


By purchasing a view to increase IGTV views, in addition to increasing the number of times the video is viewed, it also has the following benefits:

  • sending video to Instagram explorer and expose it to people who are not your followers.
  • Put your video in the feed of your follower’s pages.
  • If the first few seconds would be attractive, users first check the number of views. That means they will enter your channel.
  • Suitable for pages that have bought followers and the ratio of visits to the number of followers is irrational.


How many Instagram followers, likes and views do we need to earn money?

well, to be honest, the more followers you got, the better will people trust you to visit your page.

First you need to know what the increase in followers, likes and views can mean to you? Assuming you like a video or banner on Instagram, usually the first thing you do is visit the followers of this page to see whether you can trust the page, are they professional enough, if the followers are more, in some cases it means that the background of page is richer.

 If the number of followers is high, you will surely follow this page and pay attention to its posts and stories. It is interesting to know that if the number of followers of this page would be high, the posts on this page will also affect you more.

In fact, the more these followers, the greater the impact it has on the audience. You can really count on Netgro team to increase your followers, safely and sure; Because as explained, when your followers are high, subconsciously, has a greater impact on the audience. So, to buy real followers, you can go to the website to buy the followers you need according to your budget.

It is interesting to know that the Instagram algorithm is designed in such a way that if 10% of the followers have visited your post, your post will be displayed to more people, so the main job is to increase your visit, in which case we will help you to do. “If you think a little more about this algorithm, you will see that the golden key is already in your hand.” Since a large number of pages visit our website to buy followers, so all those who buy from our pages are members of other pages and with new advertisings, will become members on these pages too. Therefore, followers are also mutual! Literally, you have shared followers while having profiles that are real not robots.


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