Should you buy instagram Followers?


Imagine you see an interesting video from a page with 1000 of followers. when you see their amount of followers, you may be shocked.

But why?

You might think that the page isn’t known enough. Or maybe the amount of followers were higher before and now they have lost them. Or so many other bad thoughts that could prevent your mind from taking care to the post, video or whatever it is. It’s exactly how people treat poor people, قegardless of whether their content is good.

So in order to convince the people to visit your page, follow you, like you, and finally trust you to buy products or services, you’d better have an acceptable and outstanding amount of followers(and consequently likes and views)


How to buy instagram followers?

First you need to search for a trustable site to do so. As buying fake services may cause your page block or report. (fake here means a high amount of views or likes in a small period of time.) in this you can count on us. As our likers are real verified accounts. 


How can I buy Followers from Netgro?

Check out our website, Instagram section, Buy follower part. There you can choose your preferred service.(if you had any questions you could easily contact our consultants) click Buy Now button, then you’ll see a form to fill out called Billing details. At the right side of the page you can see different ways of payment. Pay Pal,Perfect money, Web money, Bitcoin and ETH.

 what happens after buying them?


First of all, to buy followers, likes or views, you need to create and account on website.  There you can easily and safely charge your credit (which has a benefit to online paying at the moment and that is: when you charge your account credit, you’ll get a 5-15% of discount)


Then, you just gotta choose your service. Buy followers, buy likes, buy views, IGTV services, STORY services and so on.

after buying your preferred service, depending on Instagram algorithms (in order not to be blocked or reported), the time of presenting the service would be different. Such as buying followers, as said before, it takes a while for them to follow you; As they are real followers and we have settled them to do so according to Instagram algorithms and to help your page go to explorer or raise batter and of course, safe!


Here is a little thing, if you buy 1000 followers(for example), we will grant you 1500 just to make sure there would be as least drop ratio as possible.

What happens after payment?

After showing the Receipt by the page, you’ll need to send it to us, and the process will begin. How is the process? Well, as our Viewers are Real and it won’t lead to reporting or blocking your page, it would be normal that it takes a while to complete the views(according to the amount of service you choose, delay ratio could be different which in every case would be so little) 

Is it just enough to buy followers? 

What’s the point of buying followers for your page?

The question is why it is so important to buy Instagram followers or to have a lot of followers on Instagram at all 

Because many users, when they come across your page and see your posts, they will definitely check the number of your followers, and if their number is higher, they will be encouraged and will definitely follow you

.Note that there is no limit to the number of Instagram followers to buy. Some follower purchase packages are offered in and some packages contain thousands of them, which can be chosen by selecting one of our packages according to your budget. Note that the packages are very diverse and this depends on where you are going to buy the followers. Be sure to ask our consultants to introduce you to other packages that are varied 

Try to buy Instagram followers from a reputable and well-known site. If you need to provide various Instagram follower packages with reasonable prices, support and advice to make you look better on Instagram, you can select from the follower purchase page

Imagine you see a video from a page with 30k of followers. But when you see their Views or Likes numbers, you see a very low ratio. What does it mean? With a simple calculation you will understand that the followers are bought and your trust to the page just ruins.consequently your post won’t be shown on Explore. It can also happen something worse; the instagram algorithm may consider your page and followers as fake! So what you must do?

Well, It’s obvious! According to the amount of your followers, you’d better also buy some Likes or Views. This causes the people to trust your page better. But in addition to this, it has some better advantages which will be explained. 

For this, check out our next services: Buy Views, Buy likes and etc… .